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Emergencies happen, so it’s best to have a phone with you in case of one. You may use your social media page to keep up with your friends and family. Therefore, it might not be practical to go completely tech-free. But, it could benefit you to limit your use and enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and everything else life, in general, has to offer. 


Don’t Miss Out on Life

While it’s adorable to see all your friends’ babies’ pictures and keep up on who’s getting married and who’s leaving whom, this is taking away from you enjoying your children. It’s keeping you from relishing in the world around you and absorbing the wonders of nature and everything life has to bring. 


Instead of shutting down all of your accounts, set specific limits. Perhaps, you could spend 15 minutes each night once the kids go to bed to keep up with what’s going on. On vacations and outings, only pick up the phone if someone absolutely needs to speak to you or you’re taking pictures. Watch your little one climb across the monkey bars for the first time and witness the smile on his or her face. Engage in sports with your children, even if you’re not a pro athlete. Make a pact with yourself this year to get out and take in every minute. 


Have Less Stress 

Although you don’t want to be completely in the dark as to what’s going on in the world, world events can trigger stress. And if you haven’t noticed, almost every person on your friends’ list has an opinion on it. This can get quite stressful, especially if you’re reading post after post that you don’t agree with. 


Social media can also cause stress if you’re monitoring who’s cheating on who and all the other drama that goes on in the digital world. This is contagious and can easily impact your mood in a negative way. 


This isn’t taking into account if you’re stressing over getting a moment to take a break from everything just to scroll through your news feed. The stress of a compulsive behavior like this can add to the negatives of social media. 


And we can’t forget to note that you might be wasting a ton of time on them due to how addictive it can be. The average person spends over two hours on social media a day. Imagine how much life you can enjoy, or how much you can accomplish with that time. You could feel overwhelmed and like you lack time to accomplish everything, but it could be that you’re wasting time. 


Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Being on electronics can affect your sleep. For instance, if you’re using your phone, tablet, or computer close to bedtime, the blue light can disrupt your circadian rhythm, which makes it more difficult for you to fall and stay asleep. 


Some people get overwhelmed by the stress of current events everywhere you turn on social media. You could be taking this stress with you. In return, it can interfere with you getting a good night’s sleep.


Nearly half of all people sleep with their phones. And while some people need to have their phones at all times because of an emergency, the notifications of tweets and new posts can wake you up through the night, inhibiting you from getting an uninterrupted night of sleep. Try putting your phone in another room. If you have to sleep with your phone, shut off all your email and social media notifications. 


Awesome Website Guys suggests hiring a company to handle your WordPress management, website creation, etc. to further keep you off of electronics this summer. You’ll then be able to enjoy your little one growing up with as little distraction as possible. Plus, when you take other steps to reduce your technology use, you’ll get a better night’s sleep and be less stressed!

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