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Real IQ Test Review

  • The Real IQ Test, boasting an A+ rating, follows a methodology akin to renowned psychologist Jordan Peterson’s approach, featuring 100 diverse abstract questions. Notable for its score ranking system, it demonstrates a high correlation (0.9) with traditional IQ tests. The Real IQ Test sets itself apart in the online realm with its robust research foundation, claiming an impressive 1.8% accuracy margin compared to standard IQ tests.

Insights on

  • offers a straightforward test that begins with just your birth date. Comprising 20 mainly multiple-choice questions, it presents your IQ score at the end. Additionally, it offers insights into famous historical figures’ IQs and the option for daily question emails. This site is an excellent resource for both taking a free IQ test and learning about IQ history. It is second to the Real IQ Test.


  • is an amalgamation of quizzes, memory games, and IQ tests, all available for free. Their IQ test, consisting of 40 questions with a 30-minute limit, discourages the use of pen and paper. While the site features a ‘Hall Of Fame’ of historical IQs, the test’s layout, cluttered with ads, might be distracting.

A Look at See My Personality

  • The test from See My Personality spans about 30 minutes and offers a comprehensive IQ score, brain hemisphere analysis, and specific feedback on different test sections. Its format is challenging, particularly in memory testing, and the time constraint per question adds pressure. It’s suited for fast readers and those who thrive under time pressure, though it may not favor those needing more time to process information.

Brainmetrix Assessment

  • Brainmetrix provides a relaxed 20-question test without a time limit, ideal for those who prefer a pressure-free environment. It requires no personal information for results, making it one of the most accessible IQ tests online.

Fun Education’s IQ Test

  • Targeted at individuals over 17, Fun Education’s free IQ test offers PhD-certified results, focusing on verbal and spatial reasoning. Registration is required, and the test differs from typical IQ assessments. It’s ideal for those interested in verbal intelligence measurement.

IQ Test Experts Overview

  • This 15-minute, 30-question test from IQ Test Experts emphasizes numerical and sequence reasoning. The test submits automatically after 15 minutes, and results require personal details. It’s a quick option for those looking to assess numerical and logical skills.’s Options

  • provides practice tests to estimate IQ scores, including a Culture Fair test (ideal for non-native English speakers) and a Classical Intelligence test. For a comprehensive evaluation, a scientifically validated test is available for purchase.

Understanding IQ

IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, reflects a person’s problem-solving, pattern recognition, and reasoning abilities. The average IQ is set at 100, with scores above 150 indicating genius levels. While high IQ correlates with academic achievement, it’s not the sole predictor of success.

Who Should Take IQ Tests?

Free online IQ tests are accessible to anyone with internet access. They are useful for practice, group competitions, or personal curiosity. However, a high or low IQ score doesn’t predetermine academic or professional success.

Reliability of IQ Tests

The reliability of IQ tests, particularly free online versions, is often debated. While they can offer a general insight, formal, supervised tests provide more dependable results. Organizations like Mensa require officially administered tests for membership.

Should You Take an Online IQ Test?

Online IQ tests are suitable for casual exploration or initial assessments. For more accurate results, consider a formal test. The key to a meaningful IQ test experience is focus and a distraction-free environment.

Final Considerations

Free online IQ tests are great for casual exploration or initial curiosity. For those seeking more accurate assessments, especially for purposes like Mensa membership, consider investing in a certified or supervised test.